March 01, 2022

El Gouna Beaches

El Gouna Beaches


Best beaches in Gouna

El Gouna is a resort destination, situated in the Red Sea governorate of Egypt. 20 Km north of Hurghada City.

El Gouna consists of 20 islands, surrounded by lagoons. It’s stretched along 10 Km of beachfront. So it is rich in sandy beaches, which are overlooking the breathtaking views of turquoise open water of the Red Sea.

Beaches of El Gouna are provided with music, fresh food, drinks and an idyllic beach ambiance, in addition they are equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and windbreaks. This atmosphere will invite you to enjoy the real meaning of relaxation, serenity and peaceful mind.

There are several beaches like Zeytouna, Clubhouse, la Playa, Moods, Smokery, Mangroovy beach and other beaches. El Gouna is known for watersports and aquatic activities, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, parasailing, Fishing, Waterski, Wakeboarding, snorkeling and Scuba diving. 

You will really get the most exciting adventures and experience during your stay on the beach. You’ll spend almost half of the day enjoying the beach facilities. These beaches are really relaxing and memorable beaches, in fact you will never want to leave.


Does El Gouna have a beach?

El Gouna is stretched along 10 KM. of sandy beachfront, you can enjoy El Gouna’s beaches all year. Its weather is sunny and perfect all year, and that enables you to enjoy healthier beaches with different facilities and aquatic activities. 


Is El Gouna worth visiting?

El Gouna is a peaceful place, designed for comfortable living, where there are hotels, residences, over 100 exciting restaurants, over 20 bars with a variety of international cuisines, two marinas, a variety of coffee shops, as well as hubs around in the town.

El Gouna hotels are 18 hotels, rated from three to five stars, in addition, there is a six-star hotel called La Maison Bleue located next to the Abu Tig Marina Extension.

There are also a go-kart track, a paintball arena, tennis courts, horse stables, football stadium, a mosque and a coptic church.

There are three main areas in El Gouna, Downtown, Tamr Henna square and Abu Tig marina. 

Furthermore, the town hosts the festivals and events that make the nightlife colorful. enjoy El Gouna’s life, you will feel that it’s your second home.

El Gouna is not considered only as a resort but it's a magnificently planned ideal town. In other words, it’s not only for entertainment and spending the vacation, It’s a complete town with an international hospital, schools and Facilities. Culturally, El Gouna hosts The University of Berlin and a community library. It’s also reputed for its lagoons with shimmering turquoise views. 

If you wish a truly luxury lifestyle as a resident in El Gouna, El Gouna offers more than 36 lively neighborhoods, each with their own blend of properties, from exclusive private villas to cozy apartments. 

You can choose what best suits your needs from studios, one bedroom, two bedrooms or three bedrooms homes or lofts, townhouses or Villas. 

El Gouna is distinguished with a network of canals stretched between the properties to allow them to have their strip of beach. Most of these canals are crossed by small stone bridges.

That’s why El Gouna has its exceptional charm. The charm is realized in its distinctive architecture, cosy atmosphere and ritzy nightlife. Its buildings were designed to be like the traditional Egyptian architecture, found in the Egyptian countryside and in Nubian village.

The most important thing, El Gouna is the perfect place to stay away from the noisy and fast-paced city life. In addition, it’s a destination leading to healthy living, providing a safe environment, It was honored with the Global Green Town award, Sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program, an award given to towns displaying substantial measures and efforts in progress within the field of environment sustainability, so that children of all ages can have the time of their lives in the most environmentally-friendly town in all of Egypt.

It’s known for its resilience and great importance. you will really enjoy El Gouna’s life, it’s a town like no other.

This ideal spot is just 25 Km from Hurghada International airport, a short flight away from all of Europe’s major capitals and a 1 hour flight from Cairo. It’s a fully integrated town with full services 24/7. it's really an ideal city, where you can buy a property and enjoy El Gouna's life. you can find an apartment for sale in Shedwan, an Apartment in Fanadir Marina, An apartment for sale in Mangroovy, Villa for sale in Shedwan, Villa for sale in Phase 5, Villa for sale in Tawila, apartment for sale in waterside condos, Townhouse for sale in Shedwan and other properties.........

Finally, the name of El Gouna is well known and loved by everyone.