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Villa for sale in Hurghada

There are properties for sale in Hurghada Red Sea. Own your villa inside Hurghada, They are luxury homes with Prime Locations, Swimming Pools, Gardens, direct and indirect Sea-view. 

Apartment for sale in Hurghada

Variable Apartments for sale In Hurghada with Different Locations, Spaces and prices.

Property For Sale in Hurghada Red Sea

In Hurghada, there are different types of properties for sale such as Studios, apartments, Villas, Lofts, Duplex and Penthouses. 

Property For Sale in Egypt Hurghada

Our properties are fully finished with direct and indirect sea view.

Property For Sale in Hurghada

our properties are in trusted projects with Prime location.

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We have Properties for sale in El Gouna such as apartments, Townhouses and Villas, They are new developments and resale.

Hurghada Location:-

The city of Hurghada is one of the main Egypt tourist attractions in the country as there is no better place than it where you can truly enjoy the beauty of the Red Sea. It stretches about 36 km (22 mi) along the seashore but too far into the desert and acts as a resort for native Egyptians from all over the country and especially foreign tourists as well. In fact there are properties for sale in Hurghada Egypt. 

Hurghada Climate
The weather in Hurghada is quite tropical as it changes between 30 C (86 F) most of the year exact for the summer months where the temperature gets a little too high to 40 C (104 F). the city has the population of 248,000 inhabitants and divvied into the modern part of the city El Kawsar, El Ahia and El Helal the Northern Part, Sekalla the city center, El Dahar a.k.a Downtown and El Memsha, a village pedestrian road stretching over 4 KM.

The Activities, Hot Spots, and Surroundings of Hurghada
Hurghada is the home to the biggest collection of water sports as it contains a massive number of sports centers for diving, snorkeling, wind & kite surfing and the chance to ride a quad- bike through the desert. The city is served by the Hurghada International Airport which holds a direct connection to several European cities. It is renowned for containing many diving school and shops. The city has many resorts, bars, nightclubs in the modern Sekalla district. In Dahar, there is a traditional Bazaar, coffee shops, and souks. The city also contains many magical islands around her like Sheduan island, Dishet El-Dhaba, Abu Minqar island, Gifton Island plus the others resorts surrounding Hurghada such as the Sahl Hasheesh, Makadi Bay, El Quseir, Soma Bay, Sharm El Naga, and El Gouna.

Hurghada is a beach resort town stretching some 40km along Egypt’s Red Sea coast. It’s renowned for scuba diving, and has numerous dive shops and schools in its modern Sekalla district. There are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs, PROPERTIES SUCH AS VILLAS AND APARTMENTS FOR SALE IN HURGHADA - RED SEA while the old town, El Dahar, is home to traditional Egyptian coffee shops and souks. Hurghada’s long stretch of sandy beach is lined with resort hotels.
Weather: 23°C, Wind N at 14 km/h, 37% Humidity

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