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Sahl Hasheesh is the fastest growing destination on the Red Sea. Developed by Egyptian Resorts Company (ERC), it is a uniquely master planned beach town on the shores of the Red Sea. This gated community only 15min from Hurghada international airport is situated on a beautiful bay, renowned for being a gorgeous seaside and diving destination. It is also mostly famous for its exquisite 12.5km beachfront and almost 9km of pristine sandy beaches.
Sahl Hasheesh is a 32million sq.m. resort destination with key infrastructure already built. 3000 hotel rooms are in operation and over 1500 residential units delivered. Beyond the built up areas, the destination is cradled by untouched desert and rugged mountains, which serve as a stunning backdrop to this naturally lavish community.
Bay Village will now be one of Sahl Hasheesh’s newest residential compounds (projects), also developed by ERC. Situated in the heart of the Old Town, Bay Village has a perfect sense of community, having all the charm and facilities of a private little town, in the midst of a stunning waterfront resort community.

Master Planners of Sahl Hasheesh
Egyptian Resorts Company is one of Egypt’s leading master developers of international-standard mega communities. Its flagship development project is presently Sahl Hasheesh, a fully-integrated resort community some two-thirds the size of Manhattan located on Egypt’s pristine Red Sea coast. ERC is also actively pursuing additional opportunities, as we eye expansion into the creation of world- class industrial, residential, mixed-use, and potentially even agricultural and logistical

ERC typically acquires broad-acre land holdings in prime locations and develops a comprehensive master plan in partnership with the world’s leading architectural and urban planning firms. Heavy investment in state-of-the art infrastructure attracts the interest of leading sub-developers in land plots pre-designated for specific purposes residential communities, hotels and entertainment venues, office parks, schools, hospitals and the like. ERC also has a successful track record developing and operating its own projects, such as Old Town, Jamaran, and Tawaya, which allows it to maximize the revenue potential for its extensive land bank. Now ERC has decided to continue growing with an even newer concept than Tawaya, introducing Bay Village – fully finished seaside APARTMENTS AND VILLAS FOR SALE IN SAHL HASHEESH-RED SEA

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