March 01, 2022

El Gouna Restaurants

El Gouna restaurants


El Gouna restaurants delivery

El Gouna began 30 years ago, it was a virgin desert, facing the beautiful Red Sea. This spot turned to the region’s most luxurious, self-sufficient and eco-friendly resort town.

El Gouna has a unique architecture with rich landscape and low-density buildings.

In El Gouna there are around 65 restaurants with diverse cuisines, Italian, Greek, Swiss, Thai, Egyptian, French and others.  These restaurants are rated between three and five – stars.

Some of these restaurants offer delivery service like the Egyptian Elle’s restaurant, Karibu-Bar and restaurant, Malu’s Deli, Cafe’ Jeandeau, Barten – Sushi restaurant, Fast food El Gouna restaurant, The Snack Shack El Gouna, The Bagel Tree restaurant, The African Bongoyo restaurant and bar, The English Puddleduck bar and Restaurant, Athena Greek Taverna restaurant, The Italian Pizzeria Sotto Sopra, Soul Chicken restaurant, The Marin steakhouse restaurant, The Lebanese Mazagouna restaurant, The Grill Gouna restaurant, The Burger Bar restaurant, Tableya restaurant,  Zuni Lounge bar, Wa7ed Shawarma restaurant, Bleu Bleu restaurant.


El Gouna restaurants prices

El Gouna restaurants have a huge variety of delicious, tasty and fresh food, the waiters are so friendly, the service is high quality, the taste is Perfect ……… and the most important is the Prices which are reasonable and acceptable. It is really worth trying. 


El Gouna downtown restaurants

Downtown is El Gouna’s heart, where there are the most famous restaurants and bars with different cuisines, tasty food, great service and reasonable prices. There are about twenty restaurants in Downtown El Gouna.

Athena Greek Taverna: It’s a Greek restaurant, it’s one of the best restaurants in El Gouna’s downtown. It’s the only one that offers greek cuisine. 

Ceviche Tapas Bar & restaurant: It’s a Mexican and International restaurant with a prime location in El Gouna downtown. This restaurant offers tasty food with reasonable prices.

Chuchichäschtli – Swiss House: It’s the only real and authentic Swiss restaurant on the Red Sea.

Elle’s Restaurant: It’s a Five-star Egyptian restaurant, where you will try delicious variety oriental food.

Fish Market: It offers very delicious fish and seafood plates. Good prices and great service.

Grasshopper Restaurant & Café: It offers International and German dishes, where you can also  try Shisha and Cocktails Sky Bundesliga.

Zia Amelia Italian restaurant: it offers tasty Italian food, provided with a delivery service.

Kan Zaman Restaurant: Where you can enjoy the traditional Egyptian Food “Fool, falafel, Ragouts, Grill, roasted food and Seafood”

Pasta E Basta Italian restaurant and Pizzeria: it offers Italian dishes made by an Italian chef.

Puddleduck Bar & restaurant: It presents the best selection of tasty English and International dishes. This restaurant will give you a taste of a family atmosphere.

Tamer Henna Food Court: It’s one of the oldest restaurants in El Gouna. It offers Food, drinks and Ice cream with good prices.

The Club House: It’s an amazing restaurant that overlooks the pool and the lagoon.

The Grill: Where you can enjoy your grilled dishes, as well as a variety of your favorite vegetarian selections.

The Snack Shack Restaurant: Where you can enjoy delicious cocktails, famous waffles, hot and cold sandwiches, homemade burger, wraps, pasta, soups, appetizers, salad and various main courses.

Downtown loc El-Gouna: It’s a cool and luxurious restaurant located in Downtown El Gouna.

San Siro restaurant sports: This restaurant has a great location in Downtown El Gouna. Food and prices are good. There is a billiard table, as well as you can enjoy football matches.

Turkish House: It’s a Turkish restaurant, rated 4.5 stars with a special variety of food and drinks.

White Elephant: It’s a Thai restaurant that offers Thailand food, Asian cuisine, Traditional soups, Sea food, spicy food and Thai noodles.

Zomba restaurant: It’s an Egyptian cuisine that offers delicious oriental food made right.

Bongoyo Restobar El Gouna: It’s an African Bar & restaurant that takes you on a tour from South Africa, Tanzanian & Kenya all the way to Congo & Senegal to taste food from the motherland Africa with its flavors. It’s really an experience NOT to be missed.

Karibu – Bar & restaurant: It’s located in one of the side streets near El Gouna Downtown. It’s the best burger place in El Gouna. It offers a vegetarian & Vegan menu. 

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